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User Review

Ghhhh's review - Beyma 12M300

I tried to make a compact speaker produces a level of 100dB @ 1w, 1m.
So I install these 12M300 in boxes of 25 liters bestow 85Hz. For acute, I use CP-380 / M with pavilions TD-235 (as of Beyma).

They serve top with the help of subs for the lower spectrum shows mainly for faade.
They are in turn required using a sound level that's scary.
I use them with amps P3200 (340W in 8R) and Yamaha's always a processor (crossover) of DLP-4080 Xilica or Behringer DCX2496 to cut below 65Hz.


The sound is made trs good, the bass is Submitted (HP has the right even a 5% return), no low (anything below 80Hz, severe tension is in vitable when you want a high level in a small volume).
To be clear, a man's voice goes hassle free and keeps its deep timbre. Similarly for a cello. Although recess a bass drum or a bass guitar ncessite using a sub.
The mdium is enjoyable, high mdium is not directional and connects well with the sharp, clear (a is the work of CP-380 / M).


I have used among others for a modern dance performance with more than 1,000 spectators, was a strong (too strong for some).

Before a-on the advice of a friend-I tried 12LX60 in these same cases (other agreements), but it does not dgagent the same level and not low n'taient convincing, fitting with the acute silent doubtful ...

Hlas the left 12M300 Beyma catalog 12mi100 and they offer a replacement can not be compared! I have 2 pices acqurir that the seller still had in stock (in all, I have 4).