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User Review

xav69's review - Beyma SM112

Reasonable speaker diameter, can work in a small volume (50L enough) goes high in féquence not need a large pavilion for the acute (overall cost of the expensive enceintemoins consequently) the power of thine way exeptionnelle, a copy of linearity, a quality of sound reproduction surpenant me more ... Mounted bass reflex without filter 50L useful in acute CP12N with filtered (18dB/oct) I made a turn with QSC RMX 2450 amplifier (500w rms sub 2 * 8ohms) and even at full gain (limiter on) not talonage only, no distortion, or that Dale ...


Given the price (me at the time I paid the boards 120 or 130 € each) For me one of the few Hp vraimments interresting for those who want to build speakers that take PA vraimment the road. The sound that comes out of my speakers every bluff me benefits, and it is not uncommon for my clients to be surprised if the sound of small speakers to come out. When I did not yet know Beyma, I asked my dealer what brand to choose to make speakers sound quality, his response was: "Beyma, should not be con" so far I do not criticize those who made other choices, Beyma has no monopoly of HP's that work, but in any case my ears there is not yet found an equivalent even in the very expensive, there is a better course, but I classify this type of product in the "too expensive" to leave that box of benefits that have lots of money ...
and although it seems to me that in Lacoustic line arrays, these are HP's Beyma ... to verify
Finally, the sound is perfect unless you have your shit is hébénisterie vraimment the HP high-level, there is no problem


It must be 6 or 7 years now that I tounre with these speakers and it still surprise me ...
I heard warfedale (EVPX 15), JBL (?), the FCR (art 12 + subwoofer), and many other I'm not going to make a mark but good débalage voila, in terms ba warfedales the city can go Rabiller, the JBL is even worse (sorry for the pro-jbl) and RCF with their black caisson plastoc should be ashamed (at the same time it was the abs and plastic art well, that's what, not with c plastoc that sounded good but the hp's, who favor the yen to its weight, it's a choice I can understand but not condone)
BRIEF: Beyma either the series or series pro sm "g" or whatever, it's a great value, reliability, quality, everything is there. Talk to your dealer