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User Review

ca tape drive!! - Reviews Beyma 15LX60

Frequency response, from 25Hz and 600W rms. little excuse but it is not at all the other manufacturer!!

It hits hard with a QSC RMX 2450 amp subwoofer


It goes really well in the low infra-and even with the power behind!

I would even be perfect for that, he would need a little more rounded but still, this is true that it is only 15 inches, it is so good and powerful they might think you hear a 18 "quality correct


I have used for years in subwoofers 2X15 and frankly it tappait very strong and sometimes for more than 12 hours without flinching! I have become more demanding in sound quality now and I preferé roundness and precision 18 "RCF now. Ca knocks weaker but it is more suited to my business.
I always work wonders in the evenings and big sound! I do not regret not