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User Review

xav69's review - Beyma 18G550

The 18g550 is a monster.
It is powerful, durable and has a rather impressive ability to get ...
it will require a relatively significant amount of cash but if used in sound system, facilities of various and varied enough 150L with a volume bass reflex. The volume will well mieu the hp and performance will be higher.
in stereo or theater type config, do not hesitate in 250L bass reflex will not be too much and could spend the 30Hz 18g550 yield insane, he will collect less power in the lower med / bass but all that is in 70/60Hz below will literally drop everything that moves.


at its sound, it is extremely precise, smooth and warm.
However, the choice of the amp to push (and pull!) The moving of the monster will not be taken lightly.
It will require a model capable of withstanding the EMF of the winding, and stable and powerful enough to pass infra (below 50Hz) without collapse of the power supply.
The results in the lowest frequencies are directly related to the capabilities of the amplifier to work "healthy" at these frequencies on large sizes hp.
Plus the amp will shock, the more 18g550 come down, again and again!


I use two boxes in two 18g550 bass reflex type sub martin s18 2 years.
Before that I used in a case of a 230L that I board never have full use in PA.
I heard a lot in sub, and I think so.
These HP's if properly used (box + amp) n'on not really competitive, or very little ...