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User Review

OliOver's review - Beyma 18G550

I possde a cabinet with a 18G550, 2 satellite with an SM 112N and compresa''PSD2002 eminence. a friend who works in the sound is my Lumire recommend this brand "Beyma" follows and I delighted. It sends a low round and low enough down 35Hzen contrast with the cash that I have , this is not for the big techno, more for electro, dub, reggae.
the hp is powered by an amp Macmah VZX pro 3.8II of 2x1100w in 8 ohm. The then filtered with a cut above T.racks settle 40Hz 48db slope and Link-Riley low pass 122Hz, 24dB link-Riley with the gains and output of-6dB.
that is all depends on the box I think and music that is cost;


The sound quality is good I sometimes used in home cinema, it is fairly linear according rglages.


This is my first HP Diameter 46cm bass, I use it for a year and now I want to change cash for a MODEL that more Tappe (60hz) a ESW1018.