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Behringer VMX200 Mixer

Hey Guys,

Im new to this Forum business & was after Information about This VMX200 Mixer,

I recently purchased it a couple of days ago, and conected it up today when my Numark axis Deck's Arrived,..

After settin it up via manual all was well, until i came to use the Crossfader/Channel Volumes, These seem to not work, i even contacted the Firm which i got the mixer from and they were asonished that its the first time the have heard about this problem, and they said they will Replace it for me free of charge, only i have to pay to send it back, which i have to do now :(

But Can Anyone share a light on this Matter? as im really gutted its happend to me as its my first set i was lookin forward for the weekend to practice,

Thanks alot

Actually I don't know much about the VMX200 or even DJ gear in general, but there's one thing I can tell you: while Behringer's quality/price ratio usually ranges (depending on models) from "astounding" to "well, not that bad for the price, after all", their quality control efficiency has almost always been widely considered at a constant "poor" -- in the best case. Due to the way they constantly reduce costs, that kind of problems is unfortunately bound to happen from time to time I guess...
I had a problem like that with the Behringer XENYX 1002FX. after i took it home i realized that there was a problem with it. but when i brought it back the guys in the shop sent it back to behringer, and replaced mine immediately.

so i got a new one and it works fine. i'm very happy with it and have used it(and dropped it :[) on many gigs, and it still works great, and the sound isn't too bad either.
Right good news :)

sent mine back and got a new 1 back, but it still didnt work, now how dumb can i be but since its my first ever mixer i didnt kno i had to connect Speakers to make the crossfader & Faders to work :lol:

@ StraightGuy, yes alot of people have told me their cheaply build for the price but i have looked on other manufacture's and they seem to not have alot of controls on the mixer, but with the Behringer i can control speakers/mic and 2 Numark Axis onit which does the job fine..

There is 1 more thing i cant get to work tho, Above the Crossfader there are some LED's they dont flah up atall. :?: