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User Review

Hexislab's review - Tascam XS-8

Regarding the technical specifications, while a t say I think. A lot of input and output: phono / line master XLR / RCA, microphone jack, among other effects, and inputs (may be an RC20 xl pedals, I have to see has in the coming months). Platinum lgre, broad but not bulky, trs enjoyable sight, except the knobs but it's really a fuss. Buttons disposs well: if one is finally a DJ quickly say "percussion" in the cut or qualizeurs all goes well. They are well spaced.


Strong point! Everything is clear, simple, fast one visualizes trs functions of the table. The crossfader is trs good! Crab, flare, and transform the company fit without problem. A cut in time statisfaisant trs. The cross roads too strong. And if you add editable fader curves, we understand that it is a table for both the hip-hop and electro.


Trs good sound! Adpend good as the cell. I have a stanton 680 hp and it's fun. Good bass response and treble, as to the middle is the same. As we cut all means nothing! No breath. In short, it's a good job indniable.


I have since August, 200 euros to buy OCCAZ a deal! I love the cross, its simplicity effective. At the moment, even new it's a great deal! This is my table and I Premire gt.