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User Review

probably the best mini laptop mini keyboard keys - Reviews Akai Professional LPK25

Its size, its weight, its practical side for the trip ..
He just has a micro USB port on the left side.


The hit is probably the best you can find at this price and for a keyboard of this size ..
There is nothing to configure and nothing to read in the manual .. It's plug n play. There are some buttons that can be interesting .. Sustain, Tap Tempo, an arpeggiator and a few other options as well but I admit having used only keys.


I can be for 2 years because I was planning a move abroad and I now use it only while traveling on the train, plane ..
I have not tried the other one before but I think it's all down in price and quality of manufacture (which is good).
It still lacks a pitch wheel and modulation.

If strut again, for the trip, I would be the CME X-bit key that is ready to the same size with large keys or Korg Nanokey 2 because it is even smaller.
For a home studio does not fit because the mini-keys are not made for regular use and there are no wheels ..... If this is this case I would go on an M-Audio Oxygen 25 or Axiom 25 but it is not given ..