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User Review much - Reviews Line 6 Vetta 212

Value For Money : Excellent Audience: Anyone
Im still figuring out new ways to use this amp.

It has 2 amp models to be used at once.

So the settings seem endless.

There is a new software download via the usb connection in the back.

Eventually i will do this. Have not needed to yet.

I also have the pod foot pedal setup which added to the vetta 2x12 gives deep thick tone on tone sounds.

Like playing a recorded mix but live.

Like 2 to 3 guitars playing the same thing all at once. If you use delay on 1 amp setting then go the other way on the pod.
I cant say enough.

If you master this type of setup you wont need much else.

You could never need another single peice of amp gear again.

Unless you blow a speaker but then you just buy another celestion very cheap and its like new.

Im not a pro but my playing has improved in less than 6 months because its so much fun impressing my online friends with simple riffs that sound professional because of my line 6 purchases.

Less than $1000 and I feel ready to play rhythm for a band.
Or just keep recording riffs that sound killer.

My old amp was a 1x12 peavey i got from a coworker. What a piece of junk in comparison.
I never knew an amp and foot pedal board setup could do so much for my playing

I wont stop saying how good this has been for me.
My recording is done with a free program.
Then i use a free video maker program and add my riffs.
Its like i went up in my playing because i got this amp cheap ($500) online.

Whatever makes you play more is good equipment. Guitar amp pedals whatever.

Id give it 6 stars if possible :)