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User Review

Anonymous's review - Behringer DX500

It is possible to have complete information on the Behringer website, this address:

What I particulirement attracted (by its price) c'tait having a master XLR output (symtrique) and more than 2 channels. The small addition to this table, the sampler. We can not synchronier easily, you can just rgler reading speed and reading dclencher Manir 2: we give the dpart, he plays the rest once or loop and then we give the dpart and stopped. It's nice to put the tracks.


This is a simple table. Everything is arranged as one can conceive of a standard DJ table.
Management prcoute is nice. Can be assayed in the headphone the balance between the master and the ways to select the pre-cost. Volume at the headphone output is more than enough for my Sennheiser HD 25 (potentiomtre is the 1 / 3 max).
Nothing singal of spcial either in earnings: I could always rcuprer any signal (photo or line) for a correct level.


At this price point of the wonders.
Somewhat reassuring to everyone, I would say it's okay.

The large black dot, it is the EQ that does not really cut at all. Call the little black buttons of kills, it is even a little spunk from the jaws of the world. I found myself often trs with bass knob to the mini being yelling: "But shit, I do not want to hear this sound".

Another problem: the crossfader. Let me explain: there is absolutely no use adapted scratch. The curve is gradual and slow. For the techno mix, I think it's against nickel. As for the scratch to save the table, there's "Transform" button. Those who can bring the sound of a cross cutting way (those of each of the cross ct). Moreover, these buttons can CRER parasites when used hard.
For against excellent for cross: it is trsrsistant for this price range. I have a table of 2001, and there is no default of notable quality. I prcise I scratch with relatively often for more than six months and it has always served in my mixes Drum'n Bass trs not always soft.

Note: the curve is not linear upfaders. The sound is really happening when the knobs are close to the max. It's a shame. on the other hand, they have an excellent glide, even after 4 years of use.

After 2 years I have had trslger buzz in the headphones. It is always the need to hear but be home and not to hard.


Simply put: excellent RAPORT qualitprix.

When I buy, I wanted the "cheap". I got it on sale on the net, because c'tait a product end of life. Rsultat: I still use it.
This table had a hard life, rev. In the collection's outdoor accessories, ashes, signal too strong in between and surout use from a lease. None of the components has lach if not in the logo Lumire Behringer:-D. The legalization of potentiomtres are harder than beginners, but it is not Gnant. To be honest I am surprised that it works again.