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User Review

xav69's review - Behringer DX626

So here for those who are still surprised at not having bought the derinre wonder of the world less than 100 (although some unscrupulous sellers can know trs well to believe the most impressionable), I would say Also the price of the brand, even if you pay little prs always the price of quality. And on this point, behringer always act as references. This small console dj offers everything you need to mix AND annimation (between a micro XLR). EQ does not sound when you push the bass, med or hi, but the cut, and oh! Great God! that's important in a mix! trs are right to see even though trs (-32dB on paper). For those who need it bpm counters, train just your ears and your mix will be much better. The channel knob trs are good, much better quality than the older sisters of the brand, through the cross is trs certainly do with your style of mix (in a real investment will never cross loss for a good console cross dmontable)
It's blowing in the master, but it's really not hear the music stopped, and a mix, the principle is that the music never stops!
Finally, all that to say that the price is justified by a number of the manufacturer's discretion, which forcment made compromises. Mixer under 100? agree! small budjets are telling you can do, and gnral, it works pretty well. Now there are a lot of small dsavantages which the average user or undemanding accommodates easily.

And finally:

The requirement of the uncompromising quality is the obligation of a well-filled wallet!

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Even when small note on the BNC for small lamp is quite a comfort even when


It would be nice if people understand one day that the "real" sound, "was released physically" speakers, before that, the words "his" are a very poor electrical wave more or less hacked by our EQ other compressors etc.. I mean that in the chamber, there is a change of state. We used the after ELECTRICITY, it's HIS!
and it is the whole difficulty of the case! getting in a wave of electric circuit boards, it is relatively easy, it's still the same wave, always the pioneer ELECTRICITY table or behringer.
so if you do not have a big budjet, prfrez always invest in good speakers in good decks. DJ frustrating for sure, but the talent is also able to adapt!


I have nothing against this little table, I had the same time a MODEL bpm250 Gmini, I simply trs well, I did not put a lot of money as my primary tool for mix rest with computer control surface (cerato scratch live, VDJ 5)