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User Review

MA reference - Reviews Vestax PCV-275

Value For Money : Excellent
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I have this mixer since 2005, I bought it new on one of the German sites where the stuff was cheaper at the time (400 €, and she was more than € 600/700 in France) .

I mix on vinyl with Technics MK2 since 2002, I started as a lot of people with Gemini PS 626I had a good price / quality ratio, which is very good for beginners, but I have not found the sound fantastic, and the faders started to crack when I was not doing anything violent with it. In 2003 I went on Stanton RM3s which was better than the Gemini (better sound and more solid), but I still was not totally satisfied.

Since the beginning I dreamed the Vestax PCV 275 but I did not have the budget: it has a great look (a bit old school) champagne color finish, and metal construction makes it very strong. Aesthetically, it looks like the Vestax PMC-55 used by Jeff Mills but much lighter version. However, I think it has the same build quality.


With the PCV 275, I simply no longer wanted to change the mixer, it has a warm sound which all frequencies sound good. The bass is present but not too invasive, and ditto for the midrange and treble sounds like a audiophile table. At home on a small hi-fi amplifier can already feel the difference largely to an entry-level table, and the big sound we take a slap.

Faders are smooth and are resistive, which allows "up / down" states. Mounted above the crossfader is very good but I do not use it: friends scratcher, this table is oriented Electro, so there is no adjustment curve cross. Anyway locations Kills prevent extensive use of cross scratcher for all crazy.

Setting low mids treble is just great, it is extremely accurate to the millimeter. At the beginning the feeling seems weird, but after a few mixes is pure happiness. It's really the mix at your fingertips: we feel that we do.

The Kills work perfectly well and do their small effect.

The meter is long and precise gadget is not unlike other mixers.

I am not using external effects but it made me look good at the full effects management.

Previewing is well managed with the SPLIT button, but since I live in an apartment I mix with headphones, and this table does not allow for the headphones to listen to the Master on the 2 atria. To remedy this, I plugged a master output to an input mixer to listen without disturbing the neighborhood.


I have tried many brands and models, Pioneer DJM 600/400/800 Rodec Mixbox / 180 MK3, Ecler Nuo 2, and I never found the same sensations. Perhaps by testing the Allen & Heath, Rane Empath or I will find the same feeling, but I never had the opportunity to touch them.

Defects: the perfect mix of table does not exist. To me its flaws are not important for my use, and with all these corrections / changes listed below should be directed directly to the Vestax PMC-55, but the budget is not the same.
- Pre listening master not possible on the two atria of a fully mix with headphones
- It fails VU meters for each channel
- The addition of adjusting the crossfader curve and better provision Kill would make this hybrid mixer
- Not enough outputs (RCA, a Jack, but no XLR), and no additional volume control (Booth, Record ...)

- Tone
- Precision bass settings / midrange / treble
- Construction
- A (too) good crossfader to mix Electro
- Many entries

I am very satisfied, I even bought a second or I installed the rotary fader kit (DFK 275): Vestax PCV 275 R. Now I use with Serato SL1. This is MY reference mixer, like turntables Technics SL 1200 MK2 and Sennheiser HD 25.
I'd like to try the Vestax PMC-CX, the model developed by Carl Cox, but too rare and expensive.

These models then in Vestax are no longer manufactured, unfortunately, manufacturers adapt to demand and provide more functionality (onboard effects, onboard sound) at the expense of sound quality and robustness of components, unless they towards the high-end analog tables.