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User Review

A nest problem! - Reviews Allen & Heath Xone:4D

Yes it is rack and all that stuff but it remains a stew


It is simple when it's your 3rd xone 4D


This console sounds correctly on a sound but forgot to plug in a pair of good monitoring above (Genelec) breath is disgusting.


To summarize I had a Xone 3D with Laquel I had that problem (soundcard HS HS fader and breath) chronologically she left 2 times in audiopole (beautiful unable band) and squarely at allen & heath UK to finally tell me that it was a factory defect and they could do nothing. I freed and loses € 1,000 in the process ... Few years and a few mixer later I bought a xone 4D thinking they had solved the problems, and there vim rebelotte 2 back service problems with the MIDI and the sound card, audiopole racketeering me money and Ultimately I end up with a table unusable and I get rid of pieces for € 400, € 1400 Lost Again!
Then comes the 3rd Xone 4D that I bought new 3 years warranty at Woodbrass telling me that perhaps with another 4D I had not had a bowl and vim after 2 months of use due to large maximum once a week, I began to have crack, I lose the stereo fader after stroke and breath in filters ... Not to mention the general breath ... BACK SAV in these brailleurs of audiopole They pretend to repair and a month later I recovered my console serves me 2 times at most and vim rebelotte same problem, it is now back in audiopole which a slap on the wrist because I sent this EXPERIENCE A & H but still good here my turkey stuffing mix without obliged to rent and we will certainly send me this big shit that held three days until the security is finished and at that time I still resell for parts 400 balls.

In short, make sure the table is unsaleable, everyone gets rid of, and you will always see in the ads table "revised" As is made simply is not revised it's just back for the 3rd time in audiopole and people got rid of as soon as possible!

I invite you to see the coast plummets and the number of 4D for sale on leboncoin and audiofanzine, then pity not buy this shit and even general rule simply flee A & H that is now manufactured in China while it is worse than Pioneer.

Rabatez you on the Formula Sound Rodec etc ...