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User Review

iansorcerer's review - Allen & Heath Xone:DB2

Value For Money : Excellent
The console is rackable with optional bracket.

For details see the Allen & Heath website features.

Connectivity is limited to the union minimum, keeping the essentials. Console 4 voice over microphone.
The equalizer is fully configurable in the menu, isolators, equalizer or filter. Slope of the cross-fader also adjustable in the menu.

2 boxes of independent effect rather well done, and well configured. Easy to use (setting expression, resonance), fits well in the mixes.


Yes the general configuration is simple, even if the console seems complicated at first sight. The usual functions are easily accessible. Even when we go into the menu, the settings are simple and intuitive unlike that suggested can leave this console. We finally relatively surprised.

The manual is in English. I have hitherto never consulted, not needed.


The console is transparent and introduces no breath. Yes equalizer is effective in any mode. The sound is beautiful, clean, dynamic, need I say more, which is why we buy Allen ...
While it's a digital console, I is slightly above my old Xone 62 (yes, really).


I've had about 6 months. I said in another review when my Xone62 would have died I would resume the same, but in the mood to try something else I sold my 62 and bought this one.

Models, I got a few hands, Freevox, Bst, Xone 62, Beringher, Ecler ... and I next to his piopio a DJM700.

What I like the most, a lot of things: the excellent and exquisite sound of this console, very good finish (plus Allen can provide buttons knob replacement). Ease of use ...

What I like least: The crossfader not graduated. At least one reference for the mid-point would have been nice. It is not in use for the cut, no problem, but if it is used very gradually is less. It is the small detail that makes c ****.

Despite to detail, go, go for it.

Bought about € 1050 Promotion, yes it is a very wise choice, value and excellent price