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Just awesome - Reviews Allen & Heath Xone:DB2

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I spend an Allen Heath Xone 62 I loved this Xone DB2. The Xone 62 had good ergonomics, a fearsome sound, and VCA filters that are a killer. As I was mixing on vinyl, this table was ideal because of its purely analog system.
Then I switched to digital, and suddenly I needed additional functionality. Initially, I hesitated between going on a Xone 4D, or from a DB2 Xone with two controllers. Finally, I opted for the second solution. I mix all techno / minimal / tech-house that dubstep or drum'n'bass.
This review was written after two days of use, suddenly it could evolve over time.

Why I love this mixer?
- Configuration: unpacking the table, we need to learn to use a mixer. Indeed, it has a lot of customization options. So, should tamper with the menus. But you can easily find the right settings for the interface is really simple.
- By mixing the Xone 62, I used many many many VCA filters to chain. The Xone DB2 or made worse, is that the analog filter VCA is my best taste a digital filter. The Xone DB2 or explodes the Xone 62 is that you can turn the traditional EQ "filter", suddenly EQ "bass" is a low-pass, EQ "high" becomes a high-pass , and EQ "mid" is resonance. And from there, it becomes magical. Try, it is adopted.
- Sound: I could not try it on a large sound system, but on my fresh Equator D5, it sounds really good. The knobs and faders are more accurate than the Xone 62, suddenly it less forgiving mistakes. This part will change later.
- Sound card built: suddenly, no need to have a sound card, etc. 5 RCA cables. You plug the Xone DB2 PC, you plug the XLR audio system, and it works.
- Box of effects: it is effective, but take the time to test each effect individually. But they are quite interesting, and do not "gouzigouzi" as would the application of Virtual DJ for example.

In summary, I am fully satisfied with this mixer, it responds exactly to my expectations. I can only recommend it.

Possible improvements:
- To make settings profiles, as it can create their profile and assign it to the Xone he will use.
- To reverse the direction of EQ "filters" (among other pass-up)
- To synchronize the BPM of the box Traktor effects Xone
- In the effects section, the filter is very nice, but it would be nice for example to set it up or pass-pass-low is
- When you have the EQ in trimodal "filter" mode, you can not add more bass to a song, for example. It would be interesting to have a graphic equalizer that would be in the menus, which apply to the Master.