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User Review

Double or nothing! - Reviews Behringer DDM4000

Value For Money : Excellent


This is my first table, I've handled a few hours eclerc but that's all.
I quickly understood the general operation, the table is divided into modules and indications are quite clear. It will take me out the manual for some more advanced functions such as setting the cross, knobs or using the little ergonomic effect box. Buttons usually do not breathe the high quality, but they do not scratch and the key is there. The cross slide very well, but it is not worth thinking about to scratch on that table. The knobs are pretty well spaced practice for large hands. The rear panel is very clear, each connection has its description but this is the same it does not exudes strength. Strength, that is the problem with this table. So we pay for that is all. Me this problem has resulted in a DOA, direct back to the seller for exchange.
From what I've read right to left this table is not very stable electrically and is very sensitive to improper installation and tends to buguer sometimes. Me the problem was: Christmas Tree in power, no functional button, screen black display, no sound. After ten power switch, an error message on the "Adjust VR24 for readability" screen. And yes it's made in china, so depending on the model, I feel that the quality is variable.
Know that there are two variants of this console, with a blue LED and a green LED.
Here I expected the return of the seller ...


Transparency is good enough (on studio monitors), a slight hiss not really disturbing. The equalizer is very effective and it is more configurable frequency.


I used demo. I used a Eclerc and some other low-end tables.

- Getting Started. 8/10
- Value for money / features. 9/10
- Transparency. 5/10
- Ergonomics. 7/10
- Design. 8/10
- Equalizer. 7/10
- Reliability. 4/10
- Transmission effect. 5/10
- Sound Quality. 6/10


- Life.
- Reliability.
- Part micro poor.
- The cheap effect.