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But it is the taf ... - Reviews Behringer NOX1010

Characteristics are consistent with what is announced by behringer.


Usage is very simple. However, the ergonomics is poorly thought led to the level of each channel are right. What makes one wrong knob regular low killer wants lorqu'on example. It would have been more logical to put these indicators in the middle of each channel between the fader and knobs.
In the same vein, no graduation level with these indicators. Whether for the master or channels, or we do not know we are. The first 4 are orange LED and the last 4 are red. This table would do it for DJs who do not colorblind green? It seems that yes. Especially as the output level is not high: 1.2 V to exit (+4 dBu) must turn on the penultimate red LED on the master! There are far +21 dBu a real console.


No worries sound is transparent and contrary to the reputation of Behringer, it does not blow. At the same time it is normal given the low gain, the signal / noise ratio is favored.
Effects are sufficient to amuse the gallery.


This console is the taf provided amplifiers connected behind are not too intensive input sensitivity (I think 1.4 V max), or that we can overcome this lack of a level proc eg .
In the end this console is correct and I have not found anything better in this price range.