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User Review

Lovin' the VMX mixers - Reviews Behringer VMX1000USB

The VMX1000USB is made by Behringer and it is a great mixer for a DJ to own. This mixer is rackable but it will take up more than one rackspace. I am a big fan of all of the mixers from Behringer in the VMX line, because of the quality and portability of them. This VMX1000 is one of the least portable ones just because of the size of it but it has some really good features. It has RCA inputs which was great for me to run my RCA cables in from my turntable and my CD player decks. It can also connect to your computer via USB so you can work with your MP3’s as well.


Setting this mixer up was not hard at all, if you are familiar with mixers then it will only take a few moments and it will all be ready to go. There are some effects on this mixer but not a lot of them; that was not an issue for me because it was not hard to use external effects from other gear with it. There are a total of 7 channels on the VMX1000USB.


This VMX series mixer is not the portable one, it is 3 ½ x 9 ½ x 13 1/10. If you have a rack with some open spaces this will work perfectly for you but if not I would not want to use it unless it was racked just for space concerns.


The VMX1000 comes with software if you choose to use it; you can even use your own software that you want to use with it which I recommend. I mainly only use one DJ software for when I am working with this mixer and it is not the one that came with it. The VMX1000USB does come with Audacity (which is free anyways) and a built in drum machine. I just loved the features of the VMX1000 mixer.