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Denon DJ DN-X1500

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User Reviews

FP User's review

By FP User, 31/10/2008
No everything a dj needs

Price paid



Very easy


Hi All Here is my review on the Denon DN-X1500 Pro DJ Mixer. Fist of all I just want to say that the cross fader is like butter, the cuts, scratches sound like I was doing it from a sampler or it was computer controlled. The sound quality sounds so crisp as you can hear it for your self by checking out my DN-X1500 Videos here take in consideration that the video file is compress and you can still hear the sound quality the mixer has to offer. One think I love about this mixer is the headphone controls, only thing you have to do is just push a button and the cue turns off quickly plus you can turn one side of the headphone off from the mixer itself no more twisting your headphones like a pretzel”he he”, the sound is so load and clear that u can setback and relax and just listen to your dj set through the headphone alone. You can cue the sound effects through the headphone before making your mix. Now lets take about the effects. I love the flanger and the pan effect I think this is the best ones, that’s just my taste the effects are rack solid, no drifting no popping just straight up clean and crisp The Controls and slider knobs are very easy to pan over, nice and smooth. Now to the outputs, the digital Record out is the cleanest crisp audio you have ever heard in a Pro DJ mixer like this. This is review was written on the behalf of what I have tested and used so far. Thank You DJ A-L


The best

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Posted by: DJ A-L Rocks Well ( 1-, 2004)

FP User's review

By FP User, 31/10/2008
Love all the effects and the digital display settings. Theres about 8 diffrent effects on this machine and love each and one of them. prob better handling then all the pioneer mixers ive had over the last couple years. love the 4 channels. I like the USB connection on the back also just in case Denon has upgrades to any new effects and what not comming out in the next couple updates. The colored lights on this give it that cool look too. The best part on this mixer is the sampler and echo effects.

Price paid: 720.00 USD


Well i did not like the crossfader too much. also think all the knobs are a little off like the main mix control and some other knobs. it tends to be the same volume from 7-10 on the number scale showing how loud it is. Not a big deal still gets the job done.


Wow really love the sound on this mixer. sounds so crisp and so clean. sounds just as good as the pioneer 500 and 600 and prob even better..


This is a very built mixer. never had this repaired yet. The knobs on this mixer are very well built. the buttons for effects are very sturdy and the back panel with all the rca/qtr to qtr inch pluggins are very user friendly. not any problems here with quality

Well at first i thought this mixer would be garbage untill my buddy brought his denon x1500 over to my house. after that ive been hooked on this mixer ever since. The effects on this machine even make it better. well worth the money thanks denon

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Posted by: Bowl of weedies ( 7-, 2005)

MaxiM.B's review

By MaxiM.B, 16/10/2007
CHARACTERISTICS dja t have the say.
For me it is one of the tables most of the market compltes numrique, effects, sampler, two-way microphone, among matrix, external effects, more everything is paramtrable!


- The configuration gnrale Is it easy?
Well, that much I found! You still need a little time to adapt well before the master

- The usual functions are they easily accessible?
By the cons, yes, it's still a mixer. Equalisers, gain, fade, cross, curve, etc. .. everything is very easy accessible.

- The manual is clear and sufficient?
Yes, it is clear trs and explains "almost" all .. APRS is obviously the use we realize the potential of the rel table.


- The console is transparent?
Yes totally, the sound is pure, I find it really trs good with low heated through, although Dfine

- Introduced she breath?
No, except in the headphone, when everything is zero, there's a small purring numrique.

- The qualiseur is it effective?
Trs effective! Also can be cut settings to a wider range frequency drives so it really fits the needs of everyone. In addition to the pots are enjoyable to the touch but ca .. is subjective;)


- How long have you use it?
I use it for around 6 months

- What is the particular feature you like best and least?
I really like everything on this table and I did not find a default for now. This is a table trs complte it possde everything you need to mix, scratch or even cross his ac p & g (even if I do not scratch, you can feel the quality)
The only minor complaint I could he Tuva, is the talkover that does not drop when it comes to music, but when you press down the button ... well this is really the search for the small bte.
Matrix if the entries, it's really a great ide I do not understand why Pioneer does not do such because it is really convenient, and this opens new opportunities for mixing.

- Have you tried many other models before acqurir?
Gemini PS-04 is a table trs good I had it a year 1/2...mais nothing to do with the Denon.
I also tried the DSP600 Audiophony who is also a good trs table, the same style as the Denon, Pioneer etc ... but overall not as good quality for example in the faders, level meters, less prcis pots etc ...

- How do you report qualitprix?
Excellent for a table of this quality. Well of course I compare Pioneer: DJM600 is still the same more or less 1000 ... I choose not even hesitate I take the Denon. APRS good I do not speak the DJM800 with built-in MIDI double box effects, etc., it's not really the same product.

- With the exprience, you do again this choice?
Yes unless I had more money, I would take the DJM800 for MIDI (or NUO4 but has no effect)

FLUKS aka MUNZUK's review

By FLUKS aka MUNZUK, 30/09/2007
See site


See global opinion


See global opinion


I leave rarely notice, except when I'm still fills a long APRS use (Machinedrum Elektron) or as here when I'm really angry! I have this crap for a year so I can speak:

- Sound numrique is cold, even icy, my Gemini UMX-9 was more roundness in the bass fishing and heat ...
- After several weeks of intense use, the rubber knobs are shredded.
- The crossfader Submitted latency IMPORTANT! That - that when the curve is the fastest possible, wait about 1 or 2 mm before the track opens and the sound comes. Forget the phases of high-speed scratch and ultra-cutes.
- Push buttons for the CUE or on / off effects fall harbor some other APRS, APRS one year of use, I have no effect (on / off from starting more), and 4-way, only a CUE button still works, so the final mix!
- Unlike an analogue desk, it saturates very easy when you go into the red, no need to be background for the sound is crt.
- The cross is the Penny & Gilles, drive it 6 months but it may be the normal lifetime of a cross scratcher I do not know ...
So much for 1000 euros, as a small buy 500 euros + 2 Analog mkII second hand or a secondhand CD player, because the Denon DN-X1500, to be clear, this is a scam! !
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Denon DJ DN-X1500 tech. sheet

  • Manufacturer:Denon DJ
  • Model:DN-X1500
  • Category:4+ Channel Mixers
  • Added in our database on: 02/10/2004

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