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User Review

Audiofanzine FR's review - Numark 5000FX

Originally written by Droopy5915 on Audiofanzine FR.

Rack mixer with optional mounting brackets.

Master out on XLR and RCA connectors. Three phono inputs and nine line inputs.
Effects processor

For other features, read the specs sheet


Easy to use: you don't need to read the manual for the main applications.

On the other hand, the sampler and loop functions require that you take a look at the manual.
FX processor simple to use.


The pots and faders generate noise after a few months of use.
The EQ is not impressive, especially the kill function for the lows :S

Same thing regarding noise: in the beginning, I didn't notice but after few months of use, it's impossible to ignore it.


I bought it new in 2005. In the beginning, I liked the FX processor with its jog wheel but the effects became boring so I don't use them anymore.

I already owned two other Numark mixers (DM3050 and DMX09). I tried out Gemini, Technics and Eclerc mixers. Gemini products provide the same quality as Numark. Technics and co. are much better but also more expensive.

I sold it to buy an Allen&Heath Xone 42. Nice!

Summary: I was particularly disappointed by the FX processor and the EQ.

The manufacturing quality is not good enough to withstand years of use.
Based on my experience, I wouldn't buy it again.

It's better to spend a couple of bucks more for a better mixer to avoid problems after some months of use.