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User Review

Although neither nor evil. - Reviews Pioneer DJM-700-K

For specifications, see the table info.


This is a 4-track with a box-board effect everything from classic.

The handling is very simple, easy access functions, except some of the effect box that requires reading the manual.

Apart from the headphone jack located on the left (I do not like it too much but it's a matter of taste), this console is pretty well thought out.


The console does not introduce breath.

The equalizer is effective and fairly well calibrated, no disproportion between the gain of the tracks.

Is transparent? Hence the opinion diverged, months I think it makes it a little too much treble, not break your ears, but it is below the Allen & Heath particularly dynamic.

Else, the headphones, the sound is a little "cavernous" as say the old, even with
several headphones, which is a bit confusing.


I recently. This is not my main mixer is an Allen & Heath Xone 62 former design. The Pioneer I bought used 'just because, when you start playing club unfortunately found it most of the time, so this is a second console to get my bearings. I was able to test the Pioneer with a competitor of choice.

Yes I was trying a few: TSB, Gemini, Vestax, Freevox, A & H, Ecler ....

Overall the table is ergonomic, not bad ...

As I said above, it was not breathing, the sound is OK but could be improved.

For cons, the black point of this table is that finish. The screen is clean but feels a little made in china (although manufactured in Malaysia). Moreover apart from the buttons equalizers track that are very well; any other console buttons are poor plastic bottom lines was similar in Beringher and much cheaper. So yes I see here that the Pioneer Pro will say "Yes, but who cares finish is secondary as long as the general operation is good" is not wrong. Nevertheless, when we see how this new console was sold well I think it is outrageous limit.

Despite all that, I bought used to 500 € and in very good condition. So yes I will ever be the choice simply because it is not my main mix and I use this DJM700 from time to time (and my budget allows me to have two consoles, because we are all dependent our budget). Warning I'm not saying that this console is bad, it is not bad, but the value for money is not good (with a new price not at all justified, but it is valid for mixers Pioneer). So as a main mixer, there are better and no more expensive consoles ...