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User Review

Efficient and charming - Reviews Edirol Pcr-500

Value For Money : Excellent
The keyboard is very complete, many controllers which number 50 are fully assignable!
It lacks the velocity to the velocity pads but can be changed for each pad, opt more, for example for a launch loops or samples with these pads.

Roland wheel, I never tested one likes or dislikes, personally it does not bother me.

It is full of connectors (MIDI, USB, etc.), there is a choice between the mains plug and use a MIDI cable or connect it directly to a computer via USB.

Moreover, its design and charm more than one charmed me personally.


I'm surprised the touch, it is very nice and suitable for any type of use, although this is not a heavy touch, this is not the type of keyboard is for

PCR Editor software greatly facilitates the configuration of MIDI, you can of course edit everything from the keyboard but it is a bit more complex because the screen 4 characters. Again everything is programmable (with aftertouch course). The interface is the same as that of the keyboard can be recorded and its configurations at will on his computer for transfer to the well on the keyboard.

The manual is in English, maybe it bother some people, but we must deal with it.
There is one thing that is unfortunately not explained is the "dynamic mapping" which serve to intelligently configure the beast, but I prefer to customize everything from PCR Editor

The keyboard is perfect for the studio and I would even say the scene because its use is very simple and fits well with any DAW (to tell you I use it with FL Studio and everything works perfectly, However, I have a little take my head with the transport buttons but in the end the solution was simple it was enough to change the control map)


Since I only used one day but I promise you that what I say is not anything, it is the third keyboard I bought and I do not intend at all to part, of Moreover I do separates any.

I really like the design, it is the high-class play, deal with it. The box has given me immediately want to throw at me.
It is very hard to find a negative point about this keyboard for me is that I needed, will compare them to each other and I promise you that at the end you come back to this one.

I tried two other keyboards before buying, but this one literally seduced me.

The value for money is excellent and there's nothing to say beyond any competition.
Probably with more experience I would do this choice, we will fine me repeat 20 times, and then Roland is still not anything ...