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User reviews on 6-Channel Power Amp products

Excellent Amp (Setton - AS 3300)

By lamberdiere, 05/02/2011
I use it since I bought in a Paris store at the time called "Madison". I first used as a hi-fi at home, then it serves me for 25 years as an amp for mid / highs in my set as a musician (I am a keyboard) to play in a band of 6, and make small rooms. I'm happy for over 30 years!
I do not know the difference between the 1100 and 3300. The power maybe?


namx41's review (Ecler - MPA 6-80)

By namx41, 18/05/2007
I just finished installing a bar in Morocco loundge here's the config of the place:

1x Allen & Heat Xone Mix 62
1x Denon DN4500 CD
1x BSS FDS-334T MiniDrive
1x ECLER MPA 6-80
1x QSC RMX 850
4x sub HK Audio Premium PR: O 18X
Newtec 12x Cono Alto Audio (This is discovering a brand: HP cap with a sound distribution of 360 is how the sound is thunderous nickel is clear!)

The amp is ECLER trs well made! The sound is really nickel and you can configure the amp indpendament 6x or parralle on each other, very practical.
Otherwise the amp feeds 12x HP Newtec Audio 8 Ohms, so it turns into 4 ohms on each of 6 channels.
A high volume the amp a little hot but still reasonable.

Most: This receiver has no fan so super quiet, so one day I get a home cinma may I choose this amp! It has a small cache of empcher crafty turn the knobs in the facade.

Small BMOL: The connecting channels 6x rear facade Has a bit laborious especially with a large cable, the outputs are quite close to each other