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User Review

Good but not perfect - Reviews M-Audio Axiom Pro 61

I bought this keyboard there two years, nine for use with Ableton Live with which it fits perfectly.

It offers an interesting range of kinds of controllers (slider, buttons, pads, encoders, ...) and has a keyboard aftertouch.
It controls 4 parts simultaneously, convenient (I would the above).

We can do almost everything by spending a little time in the program.
It works without problems with a 64 bit machine (W7 for me).

I think he has a nice look that does not play. It also makes a significant weight which gives it a very rugged look.


I used it a lot at first to control Ableton Live but now I use it almost more than noon to control other machines (Virus TI, Integra-7, BK-7m, ...) and some VST.
I preferred to disable HyperControl who took hold of the controllers to be able to program my way.

This is a formidable keyboard to control 4 parts on expander layer, split in ... in any configuration that is desired. Can play in enabling or disabling parts, and act upon each of them independently (volume, effects level, cutoff, resonance, Supernatural controllers, ...). By playing multiple sounds in parts on its machines, it is possible to get great sounds can modulate wish.

The aftertouch is very effective.

I love this keyboard for these opportunities to act on machines / vst. It is ideal for interactivity it offers.

But all is not perfect. The touch keyboard is ok but nothing special. It is not really soft and not really weighted. This is something between the two, but that is not very comfortable to play acoustic piano, EP, organ, ... on the other hand to play synth sounds, brass, strings, pads, it is the case that can act with aftertouch.

It does not allow a very fast game (unless it comes from me, it's possible). I find it easier with a piano or other keyboard softer (but unfortunately do not have aftertouch).
I do not like the two wheels separated for pitch bend.

The pads are too hard, almost unusable except to trigger sounds / sequences; nothing to do with those of Akai mpc or mpd.

It is not as bug free. I've managed to plant more than once, even if it is very rare.


I use it for 2 years. I got used to it and it would be very difficult to do without to control my other machines / VST.

The keyboard itself is not perfect but is very suitable for playing certain types of sounds with aftertouch.
I use to complement a digital piano keyboard that gives me a better comfort for other sounds (but does not offer pitch bend and aftertouch).

I have not found a single keyboard perfect master. I wish I could find the equivalent of my old Yamaha SS8 with the controllers of the Axiom Pro.

I do not regret my purchase so far. It is solid, practical, comprehensive and gives me a great interaction with machines and VST.