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User Review

not worth it - Reviews M-Audio Axiom Pro 61

The M Audio Axiom Pro 61 usb is a decent midi controller but not as good as some of the others on the market. It does not send a Midi Note Off (CC64=000) to sustained notes when switching Midi channels via the "Zones" feature...a very risky proposition for performance use. A "panic" key combination was put in place to cover this obvious error instead of creating a toggle function that filtered the message for those desiring that effect.


No omni mode either. M-Audio, now Avid, requires you pay for support on this product and after a 4 call process ultimately provided no solution. Hyper control worked very well but in the end requires that you choose between your DAW and other software like Reason- otherwise its detects and controls both at the same time generally causing undesired effects. Midi maps cannot be edited with hyper control "engaged". Thus for some controls to work with your DAW, and others with rewired software,(faders vs knobs) you cannot use the hyper control bus thus defeating the benefit of the software layer and the extra $160 vs. the 2nd gen Axiom. Returning product and also shipping back the not included power supply I had to purchase directly from Avid for non-bus powered use.


But on the positive side, its a portable controller. Great key feel with not a lot of springy bounce back, smooth and consistent knobs with also a great feel, and mapping to Logic was automatic and smooth and the control work great. USB communication with my Mac Power book means no latency and controlling the various soft synths that I have with the knobs and buttons and sliders on the controller has been transparent and effortless. Great size and weight for lugging around also. If your on the fence with this purchase I say go with a midi controller from Akai.