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New Beyma Speakers

Beyma introduces 6 new speakers (2 coaxial speakers, 2 subwoofers, 2 tweeters).

The two new coaxial speakers models are the 12CXA400Nd and 15CXA400Nd. The low frequency units are both waterproof mounted on a 4” (100 mm)  aluminium voice coil (800 W program, 98 dB sensitivity). The parameters have been optimized for working in compact sized vented cabinets, therefore. The high frequency unit features a 2.8” (72,2 mm) voice coil and a Titanium dome with polyester surround composite diaphragm, which response will be finally controlled by the horn allowing a controlled dispersion of 60º. Demodulating rings for both the low and the high frequency units are designed to help minimize the distortion in the whole working band.


The new CD1014Nd features a driver based on the existing CD10Nd but designed for featuring a 1.4” exit (36 mm). The moving assembly is composed by a 1.75” voice coil (44.4 mm) and a PM4 diaphragm, which confers a response with sensitivity of 110 dB, with a power handling at 140 W program above 1.2 kHz. The magnetic circuit and mechanical assembly have been designed and optimized to a 1.4” exit.


Beyma have have developed the new CP855Nd compression driver. It is a 1.4” exit (36 mm) driver which allows an extended working range (500 Hz – 20 kHz) with a power handling using a 4” voice coil (100 mm): 200 W program above 500 Hz and 300 W above 1.2 kHz. The Titanium diaphragm delivers a linear response (112 dB sensitivity).


Lastly, Beyma introduces the new 5P200Fe and 8P300Fe woofers. They are described as featuring "an excellent behaviour and performance in the low frequency, allowing high linear excursion capabilities, high power handling (300 W and 600 W respectively) and low distortion thanks to the demodulating rings."


You will find these and other products on the website.