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M-Audio 88-Key MIDI Keyboards

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User reviews on 88-Key MIDI Keyboards M-Audio products

Great! (Keystation 88es)

By johnrae, 30/09/2012
I bought the M-Audio Keystation 88es this summer because I needed a new, conservative, and good feeling Midi keyboard to play on. That is exactly what I got, and at an AWESOME price! I absolutely love this thing. It's a full 88 key model, with very little frills, a pitch and modulation wheel and a couple buttons for program selection. The entire thing is powered via USB so no need to plug it into the wall! It's great on stage or in the studio, and it doesn't take up much space. It only weighs about 20 pounds so it's real easy to take places.


Setting it up is as easy as plugging it in and letting it load it's drivers. No dvds or anything or extra programs to run. Very easy to use! I do everything from using Kontakt to practice piano to all of my midi sequencing in Ableton Live. The Semi-Weighted keys feel so good under your fingers. While it still can't quite compare to the real thing, this is pretty darn good. Especially considering the measly price of only 220 bucks! I use a M-Audio SP-2 Sustain Pedal along with. The board feels really good, I've had no problems with sticky keys or bad action. I am not a professional piano player, so this is more than sufficient for my needs.


Overall, I really like this keyboard. It is cheap, functional and ergonomic. It feels good and works great. It's perfect for voicing chords and recording midi sequences. With MIDI you literally have thousands of instruments right there at your fingertips, and this is an awesome way to utilize them. I do think it would be nice if it had included some transport controls(Play, Stop, Pause, Beginning, End, Record etc) but for the price it's more than worth the cash. While I wouldn't recommend it to a professional pianist or someone gigging a lot, it's great in the studio and at one time gigs. But personally, I really like this keyboard, and use it almost every day.

ejmitra25's review (Keystation 88es)

By ejmitra25, 03/09/2014
I chose this product because of its color black grey and white it matched the color theme of my Macbookpro and my audio interface Steinberg UR44.

This unit is very simple. It has 88 semi-weighted keys, which will give you more like playing an acoustic piano and it has a midi ins/out similar to other controller but i use the USB connection because the cable is much more cheaper

I use the m-audio sustain (sp1) and its compatible


Setting this up was very simple, just plug in play.

i use macbook pro ( mid 2012) 4 gig ram 2.66 quad-core running at osx 10.9.4 and it works very smoothly. my audio recording software that I use is Cubase 7 and theres no compatibility issues

I didnt have time to read the manual because of its thickness. but the unit itself is a plug and play so everything will just work fine


The Cheap plastic feel of its casing irritates me. sometimes i hear crackles when i move it to one place to another. this unit might crack if you fell it accidentally. you must place it to a flat and solid flat-form for the plastic not to squick

I tried Casio keyboard before but my heart is in the m-audio because of its simplicity and support and integration

- Natural feel of keys
- for home studio use

- cheap plastic feel
- it doesn't feel sturdy
-some keys squeaks

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