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User Review

Very good touch piano - Reviews M-Audio Oxygen 88

Value For Money : Excellent
At connection level we will find the key needed;
a USB slot that can power the keyboard and send midi messages.
2 locations pedal sustains
1 location expression pedal
1 out twelve o'clock
1 external power input, and as always we regret that it is not equipped with, it is not the price that it costs ...
At the command level we are still quite full;
8 rotary knobs where indicated original midi channels (C10 to C17) + 9 pleasant to use faders (same channels C1 to C9) below with 9 buttons that allow you to switch channels 1-9 to channels 18-26.
Commands are added to this for a loop sequencer, play, record ....
In addition you can order four different areas on your keyboard with four other buttons.
More transposes the tracks, mute, advanced functions .... fairly complete so.
But to make things worse you can control the velocity and other functions with the keyboard, right there you have to use the manual control.


The touch is excellent, of course it is not on a real piano key plastic will not give the same feel as wood and ivory, but the hammer mechanics does his job, and reminds you that piano and a synth that is not at all the same thing.
In addition to a range of prices below € 400 should not get the moon.
The manual is to get on the site, with the latest driver, just to be really up to date. You'll find more programs tailored to Cubase, Garage Band, Pro Tools and Reason.
No damage Fruity Loops (FL Studio forgiveness) and Cakewalk Sonar.
I plug it into Kontakt with Synthogy Ivory Grand Piano, and then I feel like a real Steinway ......


I use it for more than 6 months in a double with the Roland A-500 Pro and is only happiness.
It's true he does his weight 21 kg, but it is the price to pay for a mechanical hammer.
The buttons respond well, the knobs have a solid air, I do not regret my choice.
It is true that there have been some improvements since the first models to see other comments.
Very good value for money.