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User Review

didiquette's review - Roland A-80

This master keyboard is usually found only in recording studios for several reasons. First, its price, second its quality with hammer action and a keyboard that doesn't like to be moved around much, and, finally, its weight.
There's no comparison with "current" pianos! The manual is a bit disconcerting, giving its technical aspect. With patience you can tame the beast, which features MIDI management of 4 channels and once configured offer a seamless implementation. Pitch and modulation wheels, path bank or other MIDI and instrument management groups can be folded into your configuration. You can connect sustain, volume, etc. pedals, up to 4 of them!!


The keyboard wasn't conceived with people who play synths in mind. We are in the domain of real acoustic pianos, which means it's a weighted keyboard worthy of the best pianos.
The setup is poorly explained, but with a little bit of logic and some experimentation you can find your way.
Once the channels and other paths have been defined, you only need to press a couple of buttons.
The manual seems to go into details that make everything more complicated.


I've used it for 3 years and every time I press the 88 keys of this piano I get shivers, unlike with synths.
I regret that "AUDIOFANZINE" hasn't dedicated a single article to this subject! Although it's beautiful product that is starting to age, it's never too late to revisit it!