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User Review

Complete and easy - Reviews Truetone 1-Spot Combo Pack

Value For Money : Excellent
I use it for some months, I have two actually, one for each board.

I have many other transformers (Ibanez, Boss, etc ...), and 9V 1.7A and I also have a Behringer, the old power supply with a PB 1000 and Visual Sound is much better.

It is simple to use, a garland of eight barrels a + to connect to the transformer, there is the length between each barrel, suddenly it's not like a Boss PS-C10, your cable is not taut as a string between two pedals as long as power supplies of both pedals are stuck a bit far.

With 1.7 A or 1700mA ago the possibility of feeding more than eight pedals but since the string is only 8 barrels will go through a unit that can redistribute the juices.

The transformer will automatically switch from 230V to 110V, nice if we toured internationally! Except it's far from my case this option then I dab a little ear with a slipper!

Otherwise the whole also contains various adapters as adapters mini 3.5 jack adapter, 9V battery connector, etc. ... I am using does not see that absolutely all of my entries have 9V power supply standard.
Small black end caps will protect the cylinders of the chain that are unused, and that's reassuring and friendly (as you your garlands are already coming into contact with the metal of one of your pedals? When a pedal conductor to serve juice that just a bit of unused garland it really a dirty scary noise and sparks!).

In short, the perfect solution if you like me little 9V pedal power (beyond 8 to the chain I do not have much confidence but with 1.7 you can chain A much more) I feed 8 to 9V with each board. And all without that it takes the place: it is out of the bag, plug the transformer at the end of the garland and presto, everything is powered!

Good quality / price ratio, I would do this choice without hesitation.