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User Review

moosers's review - Truetone MC5 Multi-Plug 5 Cable

Visual Sound's MC5 Multi-Plug 5 Cable is a simple five port daisy chain for powering up your pedals. It's made for use with Visual Sound's power supply which this connects right on to. While I don't own this cable as I've got Boss's version of the same thing, I did consider it for a bit and have borrowed it from a friend when mine went missing for a little while. There is also an eight spot version of this if you've got more pedals. It seems like the spread between each of the ports on this is a bit wider than Boss's version, which is something I'd welcome now as I've had a bit of trouble having each port reach each of my pedals on my pedal board. There isn't too much that you need to know in terms of technical characteristics, as it will do as advertised. It's definitely built well, and having something like this is absolutely necessary if you've got a few pedals that you want to power up at once, saving you from the need of having more than one power supply for your nine volt pedals. You can also get a separate adapter for converting these to 12 volt power supplies I believe. Visual Sound is definitely on top of their stuff when it comes to powering pedals and the like, as they've got a lot of different adapters including this to get your pedals powered in the most efficient way. The price of the Visual Sound MC5 is very reasonable, and it's pretty much right in line with the Boss version as far as price is concerned, although the Boss one does have 8 spots. As I mentioned earlier, there is a version of this with 8 spots, so that's an option as well. If you need a daisy chain for your pedals, I'd highly recommend checking this one out!