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Accessories for Bowed Instruments

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Accessories for Bowed Instruments
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User reviews on Accessory for Bowed Instrument products

phraseland's review (Schertler - BASIK PRO SET)

By phraseland, 11/12/2008
This is the budget version of the Schertler Dyn Pickup. I own both of them and even though the more expesive one costs almost three times as much I do like the Basik better.
The version I am describing comes with a special 'goo' which attaches the microphone to the top of the instrument and can very easily be removed again. In this PRO model the power is supplied via phantom power (a DI Box is included that changes the currency from 48V to 10V). If you don't have a mixing board or amp that delivers such a currency then buy the other Basik model. There you will get a battery pack instead - everything else is identical.

These pickups are very easily installed and have a pretty high output. I have used mine for all types of acoustic guitars. But they really can be used for many different applications. I once recorded a Cajon with it...or try it on a Cello! The reason why I like these better than their more expensive cousins is because it is a lot easier to get a good sound quickly. The Dyn pickups don't sound so open right away and the placing and EQ settings are a little time consuming. Don't get me wrong - they sound great but for live applications I have grown to love the Basik pickups.
They could have constructed the battery pack better (give it a clip) and maybe they could have supplied the musician with a pouch or something. The carton box just doesn't cut it.

Great low-end violin pickup (Shadow - SH SV1 Single Disc Violin Pickup)

By JeffTadashi, 21/06/2012
The Shadow SH SV1 is a single disc electrical pickup, designed to be used with a regular acoustic violin. The transducer disc in 12mm in diameter, and it is made of piezoelectric material, and creates electrical signals from vibrations. The disc is placed inside one of the slots in the bridge, and depending on your bridge, you may need to either file the bridge or insert a copper metal spacer (which comes with the pickup). This can be annoying, but I found the transducer disc to fit perfectly and tightly in my violin bridge, and it stays in place no matter where I place or move the instrument. It can also be removed without extreme force or any special tools.

The transducer disc is a little ugly and it seems to be a little too large, but it functions just fine. There is a short cable running from the transducer disc to the external connector, which is a 1/4" cable, similar to guitar cable. I do with the connector was an 1/8" connector, as the guitar cables tend to be very heavy, and they can pull on the cabling too much. The connector also comes with velcro and adhesive, which can be attached to the side of the violin. This is absolutely necessary, but I do hope the adhesive does not damage my violin. I've read and heard that the adhesive is safe on the violin material, however.

The sound from this relatively low-end pickup is surprisingly good: The EQ seems balanced, it's not too trebly, lots of warms, and sounds very realistic. I was expected much worse, seeing how acoustic guitar pickups can differ greatly from mic-ing the guitar. But the sound here really does sound like the instrument is being mic-ed, and the pickup picks up everything. In fact, at times it can be too sensitive, picking up various noises, bumps, and movements. The cable itself can make loud popping sounds when pressed or touched, so you have to be careful where that cable lays. The noise produced from touching the cable can be excessively loud as well.

Playskool17's review (Schertler - DYN V SET)

By Playskool17, 17/07/2007
I use it for 2 years I was playing earlier on Fishman sensor (150).

Report qualitprix honest, nothing more. It's been nearly 400 even when the sensor!

With experience, I do it again this choice.

Advantages: very good sound, finally finished the sound of "soft trumpet" of some electric violins and the sound of nazillard pizo conventional sensors gender Fishman.

If I understand correctly, this sensor is made up of a static micro encapsulated in a "plug" of cork. I place not in the bridge as advisable, but in the eye of you require it, I find its best here.

Edit 18/11/2009: I changed the position and handed the position indicates: in the fuzzy sound is nice, sure, but some notes stand out more than others, which is very sgnant:-)
on the other hand since I have a Focusrite VoiceMasterPro behind, including the Switch-on d-Esser and rings ...

In addition, the output level is consquent and therefore much easier to work on an effects rack.

It must sand the cork to fit the violin, but nothing irrcuprable: if we plant (or if exchange violin), a layer of varnish on it and start again!

Disadvantages: not emptied of sand the cork (and cut off the bridge!) To perfectly fit the violin, but at least it's tailor-made!

I pay about 400 in Tasset.

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