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Accessory for studio monitors

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Accessory for studio monitors
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User reviews on Accessory for studio monitor products

Great addition to the studio! (Primacoustic - RX7 Recoil Stabilizer)

By mooseherman, 14/12/2010
This is a recoil stabilizer. What that literally means is that it'll prevent your monitor from moving due to vibrations in the surface of where the monitor is placed. This is good as too much movement will potentially allow the monitor to fall, almost certainly causing damage. While this is the primary use of this device, it's got a lot more benefits than simply keeping your monitor in place. For one, it helps the monitors achieve their full potential. It'll absorb the low end as well as much of the other frequencies, and that will result in a much clearer mix. The problem with monitors quite often is that they tend to have a problem with the low end vibrating through the surface that they are placed on top of. Not only do these prevent that from occurring but they also tighten up the low end quite a bit and make it a lot clearer to listen to. This effect will work regardless of where you are listening, but will definitely be more pronounced in a room that is geared for mixing. That said, these are really effective for home studios as those rooms will certainly need to be as fixed up as possible to ensure good mixing. They won't magically transform a room with poor acoustics into a mixing room but they'll certainly help quite a bit.
This will take your mixing capabilities and monitoring capabilities up a notch. What's best about it is that it'll do this for a very little cost! They only cost a hundred bucks and that's a pretty phenomenal deal if you ask me! Considering that they're slowly making their way into all the major studios now that everybody knows how good they are, you may see a markup in price so I'd say that you are better off getting them soon!

Kierkes's review (Auralex - Mopad)

By Kierkes, 27/06/2011
I don't own a set of Auralex Mopads as I currently mix on headphones. However, I made my way over to a friend's home studio (he studies music production) where he owns a pair of KRK Rokit8's. This was before I even understood the concept of proper acoustic treatment for anything at all, so when I saw those brilliant yellow monitors sitting on four pieces of foam, I only had a vague idea of what it was supposed to be for. So he showed me.

He was working on a project that I had come over to listen to. When I asked about the silly pieces of foam his monitors were sitting on, he just had to prove it to me. We listened to his mix (it was a heavy rock mix) originally with the KRK's sitting on the Mopads and I, not understanding the difference, didn't really get what was so special about it.

Then, he removed the Mopads and we listened to it again. WOW. I was blown away at how spoiled the Mopads made me. The mix sounded comparatively terrible! It wasn't that they were actually bad, but the difference was noticeable.

If I recall correctly, his desk was made of a cheap wood, so perhaps this further exacerbated the comparatively poor sound that resulted.

The clear result of using the Mopads was clearly an increase in precision, an unmuddying, and unrattling of the sound. It made the sound a lot more crisp and clean, and it prevented the distracting and metallic rings that plagued the mix without them. If I ever make the switch the using monitors (when I find a permanent room to treat; I'm always moving around), I will certainly invest in the Auralex Mopads!

They may not appear to be cheap, but I assure you, they are well worth it, as I learned that day.

Auralex Mopad review (Auralex - Mopad)

By R-skillz, 25/07/2011
The MoPADs are monitor isolation pads. They’re designed to separate your monitors from the surface they're standing on, they are easy to install, and will improve the sound of your monitors and you will hear what your music really sounds like.

I've been using them for 2 years now and i really like them, and they're affordable so i really recommend them if you need to upgrade your studio acoustics.

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