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Accessories for Wind Instruments
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User reviews on Accessory for Wind Instrument products

moosers's review (AKG - C 416)

By moosers, 28/02/2009
The AKG C 416 is a condenser goose neck shaped microphone. It is designed for use either in the studio or during live performances. It has a clip with it, and is designed to be clipped on saxophones or other horns so you can get a really close up signal from the instruments. It also has a built in XLR cable, which is convenient in terms of quickly setting up. I have only used this microphone in the studio, but is definitley suitable for use inside the studio and on the stage.

I've been using the AKG C 416 mic for about four years. I got it in the AKG drum mic pack along with a few C 418s and a D 112. While I no longer have a use for this microphone, and have since sold it, it worked well for me when I had as a horn microphone in my home recording studio. It has a good tone to it and is suitable for all types of horns, as well as drums. The clip is really convenient when setting up this microphone with these instruments, as they have a place to put the clip and place the microphone conveniently. The price of the microphone is pretty cheap if you can get one used as these are no longer made. However, when these were new the price probably wasn't worth it as it was a bit overpriced. Sine I got it within the AKG drum mic pack, the price was really reasonable. I really no longer had a use for this type of microphone, so I no longer have one, but for the time that I owned this microphone it was reliable and worked well for what I was doing. All in all, the AKG C 416 is a good microphone for what it brings to the table.

martotibi's review (Otto Link - Florida)

By martotibi, 15/03/2009
I am looking to buy a similar bill. n tel: 06 60 21 06 06, friendly.

toots's review (SD Systems - LCM 82)

By toots, 20/11/2006
System with two cardioid microphones eletret a case with fantom 9v battery or power supply
one I have (12 years ...) consists of two microphones positioned one above the left hand, the other attached to the pavilion.
This works pretty well ... but given the price paid (3500F at the time) he had some DEFAUX rédebitoires:
No trimmings between the two channels (the new boxes are much better: two volume buttons + acute severe trimming), no equ a mini-jack cable (I actually false problems -contact at this level) and a true labor of eq to the console ... far too acute to medium 2500htz.
Warning recent boxes are improved ... I also think in a aquérir if I find a dealer that sell separately microphone system
Overall Opinion
Many Folks use on very large scenes (festivals and other francophonies) it m 'made
many services ... apart from DEFAUX recorded above and the fragility of the connectors / cables ... it has the advantage of being able to move while playing, not to hide and be accurate enough (good qualities microphones) reservation made to equ.
Warning égualement wind ... it is very sensitive.
I tried a lot of things ... customs made for me by "sondiés" ... the different SM98,57,421,441, KM184, U87 and 89,4050,414 ... of course it does not worth a couple of 414 ULS (a must for me on stage protected) but on extèrieurs trays or wherever the sound engineer did not really know this instrument (ie often ... many are playing music than rock or variety), or can not afford a 414, On the KM184 or 4050. Quality award for my model for the new 7/10 8 or 9

News Accessory for Wind Instrument

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Rico announced an addition to its Reserve line, the Reserve Classic Bass Clarinet reed.

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