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User reviews on Accessory for Double Bass products

Fine (Wolf - Boule pour pique de contrebasse)

By Geo la bidouille, 20/11/2013
I use it for 3 years, it is a model that can fit the picnic with three screws. It is simple and effective, the rubber ball is perfect for "curb picnic on any type of flooring, parquet, linoleum, carpet, tile. Frankly for the price, there is no risk!

This is not a product of France europe violin but Sebim! Not to be confused, thank you (FEL - France Europe Lutherie - HOUSSE CONTREBASSE S778 4/4 N)

By FEL41, 17/01/2013
This is not a product of France europe violin but Sebim! Not to be confused, thank you

A very good sensor (David Gage - The Realist Soundclip)

By raph.bass, 13/05/2012
I use it for 2 months now.
I had a Fishman and a Shadow BP100B SH965NFXB before this one.

The sound of the Realist rendering is much more acoustic than the two mentioned above. I'm very happy. Note that I played almost exclusively fingers.

I place it at the base of the foot, this is where I get the best sound.
There are a lot of mids in the sound, it is therefore imperative to go through an equalizer to correct it.
For my part I cut all that is around 1.5 kHz and I note a little around 150Hz and I get a sound very close to my acoustic sound.

Being able to remove and replace so easily is a real plus: I can take it and place it on a bass loan for example.

For the negative sides, first I would say the price, a price I think.
Then it is a sensor so the sound is fairly straight and lacks a little depth. I can solve this problem by adding some reverb or better yet, associating it with a microphone.

As perfection does not exist, I do not 10/10 but it's really a very good sensor that deserves its 8/10.

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