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User Review

Cheap? - Reviews Thomann Kontrabass 111

I use it for 4 years
I buy for the price
when she arrived the code mid kale at the note of soil, the soul was too ugly to make a joystick
200 euro short violin and more
a nylon rope games because the original is really nase
I invested in a good microphone (K & K Bass Master Rockabilly Plus) to play with the world
overall it more than doubled the original price
such investment is the instrument it is playable on a sound system sounds great (better than acoustic) and even better on a bass amp

quality is not there but the price you even after repairs and adjustments
remains unbeatable
I would recommend this instrument to someone who (like me at the time) want to try a cheap bass
I'm happy and I play every day but if I change it will be for a better quality