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User Review

A fake guitar that age well - Reviews Cort MR-A

Made in Korea, fixed bridge peg (is there anything else you on folk guitars?).

Mahogany neck, rosewood fingerboard, a microphone inside (a kind of inverted "U" that captures the vibrations inside the box. Microphone works with a 9V battery.

A master volume and a 3-band EQ.


The handle itself I do not know but the action on this guitar is simply impractical, even with strings of light draft.
Let me explain, the more you put a high tack, plus the rising share (knowing that with electric guitar strings 9-45 are already too high to play normally).

The guitar just sounds only with an extra deep draft (14-66) with an action that you can imagine ... With lower tie higher up the frets and the notes are wrong, and this phenomenon is more marked as the drawing decreases.

Level, it is an entry-level folk guitar, not much to say, even plugged in, it does so based on the amp in which we play (better lo-fi anyway) ...


at the time I played everything, reggae roots, rock, blues, classical French song, and I was not watching the correctness, it was just performing with a guitar cheap that interested me. So she agreed, to the extent that I did not run my ears too. as soon as my ears are open, I have never been satisfied with this guitar.

I played acoustics, connected with distortion, chorus, def varied effects, but I've never had a satisfactory folk guitar sound. He kept running, treble, bass, the medium, the sustain, and above all accuracy.


I used it for 5 years, and the frets have widened over time (to the point where the first 3 are no longer effective).

I tried a lot of things in the store, always more expensive, but for my budget at the time it was what was best.

Today, I will turn to something else, but at the time I had no experience, and the seller in the store knew how to do to locate the pigeon ...

I'm embarrassed but I sold this guitar, that said the guy said owning a martin so unless swagger he knew what he was buying.