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User Review

benj_78's review - Ibanez PF60SCE

Audience: Beginners
Does this guitar made in China (for mine)
It possde a micro Ibanez (Aeq 310) rglages: trebble, middle, bass and volume.
21 boxes.
The handle is in Saddle I think (a rather dark and heavy wood)


The handle is enjoyable, Access in acute limit (to the 15th box, it becomes a bit difficult ms there is rarely except for a sought-sonnorite lol)
The ergonomic handle low cost is a bit heavy (ca drang me at all) the cash lgre and shape of the guitar is really beautiful.
This gives an EXCELLENT sound (which must also be agreed lol)
In the beginners you will have sore fingers, because he must press the strings to sound right otherwise it 'grissille'. (For beginners)


Suitable for tyles folk, pop rock .... I made the top hard rock (Iron Maiden) and the trs cool.
This gives attractive Młoda.
I have not bought the amp electro-acoustic.


I bought this guitar about 250 euros. It's been a year that I play with and I can not get enough of it!
Before you buy a jai MODEL try the cheaper (in 180-200) and when I Submitted the one I and many lovers does what its proposed.

Trs quality price correct for a acoustic electric.
that is all.

Do not hesitate to repeat what I choose!