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User Review

Casserolle! - Reviews Ibanez TCY10E

Me: Fred, 30 years of guitar. Countless guitars tried and I have not finished coming here to say what I think.

Manufactured in: We get crazy!

Handle: A fretboard really thick. It's boring, hard to play ... maybe a satisfactory adjustment ...

A micro hybrid ... ??? What is this thing? They are calibrated to damage guitars like that ... the povre!

What are the settings? Then you can adjust the tension of the strings with the keys located at the end of the handle. We can also adjust the volume and then also the bass and treble, but, honestly, all kidding zero, find a good and correct equalize everything.


Is nice round: No!

Ergonomics is it good? Do not let the guitar to drink his beer failing to find the handle on the floor! Prefer to take a straw barn! No ... but they tried their piece of wood? Tip: Run in the box three kilograms of cement mason. This is the only way to prevent it from turning in the letting.

Is Access to acute right? It's really important? So, no, as usual, it's not so easy to play further than the fourteenth. They were a cut and paste a guitar that already sounds not at all. Anything!

Gets it easy to sound good? Well, she mimics fairly well the old wheel or creaking door. When I tried this crap, I wondered why they had put a sounding board. Can not make it sound like an acoustic guitar. So I tried it on a amplifiers. A small fender ... I saw tears running the speaker. Povre amps!


What are the settings that obtained? that, to be crystalline !!! You can remove the lower strings, they are useless. We get a sound never heard before. Looks like the notes remain trapped inside.

I also tried with shectler. Nothing! For electric guitarists, go your way and go buy a Squier ... it's much better. For acoustic guitarists, give there to a guy you do not like. For people who are new, it's really the guitar not to buy. No sound, hard, sickening. In addition, it is a feedback box!


How long I have: No but it will not! I have not bought this crap. I tried ... 5 minutes! And again, I lost my time. It's a shame to sell such stuff.

It did absolutely nothing. Perhaps for the SKA, punk ... and after burning for a good stage effect!

Finally, we can find it beautiful. But really, the first who told me it sounds, I eat with him and I think the handle. It's still there it will go better. A crappy guitar, an infamous pot!