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User Review

Very good guitar, versatile. - Reviews La Patrie Concert CW

I will not repeat all the features of this beautiful instrument.
Except that in this price range (I can not remember exactly how much I paid because I had a flycase with ...), it's very satisfying.
Beautiful violin, impeccable finish, simple, effective.
Ditto for the electronics.

Excellent grip, slightly muffled sounds dry (cutaway), her powerful, round and warm when plugged into an amp. Good access to acute.
It is often presented as a guitar "hybrid", sufficient to work in different styles, even unexpected for nylon strings.
Latin, jazz, rock, I also used with large distos, at the time I had no electric guitar in hand, the result is stunning!

However, there are two details that I would point out:

-The first level is the varnish of the table, because unlike what you read here and there, and unless I am came across an exception, I find that it is not about the super tough different attacks that can undergo.
It marks very easily, and I had the opportunity to make a significant mark with a helping pick the wrong place. I said that chui not a lumberjack, and I even tend to be really careful with my stuff. My Homeland is rarely out of its nest bush.
In comparison, I have a classic homemade española, more than 10 years of service, sometimes under a bit extreme (much trimballée, travel backpack, to the roots ...), it is sure that 'with the times and situations, she took pets, but at the veneer of the table, except for the specific micro-scratch guitars are not just for decoration, I can say is that nickel, no more trace than that.
I did the test, by applying pressure with the thumb nail, you feel immediately the difference between the two instrumentals. On La Patrie, he did not need to much to mark it, we feel a degree of flexibility / brittleness of the coating, while the Spanish it is hard, it does not budge.

-The second point is at the battery compartment.
I think it is not the most practical, and especially solid, the boxes found on the market today. Especially the little hood that is used to open and close the compartment. It is very fragile, and is maintained by the housing 2 small plastic tabs.
I had the joy of bad break in one of two during a battery replacement.
Again, not a nag chui, but the thing has remained in my fingers.
So I took the opportunity to repair and strengthen.
In fact, I reattached the leg, then I drilled in the axis at the pins that come to nest on the bay, where I handed the cover in position on the housing (removed out of the guitar course) and there have been past a small metal shaft recovered in a stock of dismantled parts of old electronics (it might look a little to the axes used to fasten the bracelet watches).

So now it is solid.
And you do not need to access it as often refined electronics of this guitar ensures a long battery life.

So, that's my little experiment.
Still, I love this guitar, and urges all those who seek a quality instrument, the noble manufacture, taking into account the human and environmental aspects of our time, and that too without breaking the bank.
Mister Godin and his mates have "everything" included.
The quality of their instruments evidenced!