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User Review

Mixed. To each to get his opinion ... - Reviews Martin & Co DCX1RE

Made in Mexico.
Channel a bit surprising to the touch because of the materials used ...
20 frets with 17 easily accessible through the Cutaway.
Rating: 7


The handle is strange to the touch because of the materials used, can be quickly disappointed if we have a contact "carnal" with his guitar.
Then, the cutaway gives access to the latest boxes fairly easy but we must ensure the proper height adjustment of the strings. It takes a special rod to adjust the neck. After the twelfth fret, the strings begin to be very far!
The sound is crystalline, but less powerful. on the other hand, there is a very good resonance (compared to a Takamine EN 20).
But the guitar is light, and the solid top is nice. Beautiful design.
Rating: 7


The sound is balanced and appealing (we can win the power in acoustic playing with a pick) but like all Martin Dreadnought she deserved a wider sound. Beautiful string resonance Mi-si-la.
Rating: 8


I acquired two months ago because I have a Martin (a U.S. D1R with a passive sensor Martin) and I wanted an electric for the stage in order to spare my Takamine (EN10 is the wood of the fragile rosette LOL). The neck is amazing and as I wrote the strings a bit high, the materials back, neck and neck are composite material resulting in an aerospace: surprising! We can not do it ... But the sound is balanced, Fishman did his job when it is plugged in, tuner, and integrated anti-feedback. At around 900 euros in the provinces, the Mexican is a good guitar (provided a proper adjustment of the handle) and for lovers of the brand Martin, it will delight. It should be noted that its rating on the occasion (including recently) is around 400 euros (do not buy it to resell it quickly!). With three hundred euros more, you'll have a D12 or D16-US) but sound (note that you will pay the price in this case). It remains a good compromise for a first Martin. Note value for money: 7.5 / 10 because I believe that snooping well, we can dig up a new one or an opportunity to better quality for this price, a hundred or two hundred euros near).