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Well, a few details ... - Reviews Alhambra Guitars CS-3 CW E5

Guitar made in Spain, Alhambra factory outskirts of Valencia.
It is solid wood, cedar and rosewood. I ordered without electronics.
The bridge is conventional in much more clumsy.
The neck is mahogany with ebony reinforcement, supposed to stiffen. (See below)
The key has a radius pronounced as a folk or archtop, and suddenly the bridge and nut as well (see below, too).
The frets were composite, a type of white tusk.
Mechanical buttons have faux ebony plastic, and do their job properly.


The handle: I did install a trussrod. He went up too, too dug especially in the area where it is thinnest, coincidentally. I do not know if they are all like that, but for me a nylon must have an almost flat handle.

I still doubt the designers at Alhambra: I found it a weakness on nylon strings (lack of power, dynamics, all ...), I put it on the back of the cutaway as it is commonly believed, until I noticing that the strings on the saddle slipped when I attacked right hand even without forcing. Because of the radius.
I made small notches on the nut to secure the strings, and the guitar is transformed!


For jazz, bossa, support, picking. It responds well, good intonation, comfortable.

This after modifications.


I had 250 euros extra charge for the trussrod, a lot of frustration as a result of lack of acute finally resolved. But I now have the guitar I wanted, and there is no equivalent model of this quality (all mass) at this price in other manufacturer.