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User Review

very good guitar nylon tube! - Reviews Takamine TAN60C

Features are available on the net or in other reviews, I do not want to duplicate

any time a small detail that was the subject of my choice: the width of the neck that lies between classical and folk (or electric); Nut width is approximately 48 mm

the change I made on my own:
replacing the pre-amp tube cool CTP-1 by the CTP-2


I bought it for her as a conventional handle closer because I am electric guitar player.
the passage of the electric above is very easy

the volume is balanced between the strings, the neck is very fair, the tube preamp gives a good presence (modifiable via a knob) and an interesting volume

the preamp a slight breath because of the tube but is minimal and disappears when we play. there are 4 AA batteries stick, their life is very correct whatever is said.

at its weight, it is neither too light nor too heavy, it is well balanced on his knees with a strap or (fasteners are original)


I play bossa nova, French pop duo in training, we did some dates per year

I beeps a sound Samson XP308i with a DI "DI ultrasound more pre-amp" box that is, incidentally, a very good case of DI
I will soon be able to try it on an amp SR Technology Jam 150 that I will receive soon. I intend to use it as the back and front Samson

empty (without amplification), the projected sound is very good but not very strong as can non-electro guitar. it can be an advantage when you want to play at home without disturbing. it becomes a bit problematic when playing with stronger guitar

amplified, I have very little feedback, the equalizer allows to play different style (gypsy, bossa nova, classical, etc)


I use it for 3 years, this is my second acoustic guitar nylon

I owned a LAG Tramontane as first guitar, less good quality and less accurate than the latter (normal given the difference in price ...) but already sounded pretty

his handle is accurate, giving it to use it with precision ... if it can do "dirty"

in short, it is a very good guitar for the stage, the house, to progress, quality manufacturing will allow him to live very long