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Ibanez AEL2012E

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Not a 12-string headlock

By fred-paris, 11/02/2014
As many guitars, it's made in China. For the price, the guitar is pretty well finished even if I had to finish the job Ibanez:
- Extract the dust inside the box
- Refine sanding dam visible from the soundhole (I saw him playing and I was quickly inflated)
- The key oil with lemon oil because it was too dry
- Rid frets their oxidation storage

Apart from this, the mounted original strings are Adario and the preamp is equipped with a handy tuner (especially with a 12-string o).

Good surprise, guiytare comes with accessories and a second adjustment nut to have two types of action: bass and a little higher.


The handle is one of the reasons why I chose this guitar. I tried a bunch (well, those that I could find in stores ... lag, takamine, epiphone, Seagull, Guild, Taylor ...) and the width of the neck of the Ibanez can play as well that agreements arpeggios. Basically, I can play pretty much what I play on my 6 strings (must press a little more and the bends are more sturdy anyway).

Its not plugged is bright enough (maple + 12 strings ...) but pleasant. Once connected, you can work the sound with the preamp and amp correctly.

Really headlock and holds tuning pretty well. You just do some stretching ropes (but that I do consistently) during tuning.


You have to admit, "Dead or Alive" may not sound as if played on a 12 string ... Unplugged with SRV and some metal ballads, this was the reason to buy this guitar.

I have a lot of guitars, mostly electric. It is certain that Guild or Taylor 12-string is very enjoyable to play but let € 2,500 in a skyscraper that will play from time to time? Obviously, if you do not play as John Denver, maybe you have a different opinion from mine.

The advantage of Ibanez is its solid construction, preamp and its playability on stage, she will hold the tuning and his flamed body, she lay under the spotlights enough o)

Other avantge she returned hair cell in a Gator case for jumbo guitar.


All 12 strings tested, the Ibanez is the one with the best comfort of playing and value for money. The integrated tuner is a big plus for me and the preamp is pretty good with minimal adjustments.

The spacing of the strings is very important on a 12-string. According to it and your hands, it will be difficult to play anything other than strumming ... With Ibanez, you aures no excuse not to play all your directory.

In addition, it is rather nice transparent black.

beautiful guitar that sounds!

By saxoblues, 15/02/2012
model made in Korea (but still very nice finish!)
mahogany neck, rosewood keys; a priori handle that seems a bit "hard" but it adapts fast enough!
under micro nut, that captures the 12-string; good sound;
adjustments to make good with the equalizer! the highest low and mid-trebble and the volume a notch below the treble, with this kind of adjustment on the amp was the subtleties of the guitar that possesses a button shape which enhances the sound; a phase button also;
The rosewood bridge is standard;


the handle is pleasant and the cutaway allows the guitar to have the treble up at the end of the handle;
the sound is powerful and with a good adjustment of the truss road, was a quite near the handle, and the sound is versatile: blues, pop, or rock;
the weight is average, can be heavier that a lag, or a seagull of the same type! but it's still good;
its shape is nice, not too bulky always thanks sos cutaway;


it fits quite well to my style of music because I play different styles: mainly blues and pop, simply to find good strings for playing blues
this guitar if it is true, is not really appropriate to this music;
but it gives very nice harmonics, and sound pretty sweet with a beautiful
power; in acoustic, and of course with an amp;


I have for about 4 years, I've had a seagul 6 strings, and another 12 string ibanez acoustic I prefer this one, probably for his electro side;
I love its color, its head, with fine golden mechanical very strong, giving a good
tuning that is! I love the cutaway, very practical, it sounds even if it lacks "bluesy";
a bit dear if you buy the new one;
I do not regret my purchase but today I would turn to can be a lag or a 12-string ovation! whose sounds are less "classic"! but I love, I love playing it and I do not want to sell it;! !

Wabizuke's review

By Wabizuke, 20/08/2009
Characteristics given above ... <img class="smiley" src="" alt="mrgreen" />


The handle is it nice?
Ibanez is a handle, so nice! <img class="smiley" src="" alt="" />
Access to acute (last string) Is it easy?
Treble are easy to pick up and sound great, for a twelve it plays like an elec.
Ergonomics is it good (in terms of shape, weight ...)?
Well balanced, the guitar is all alone when playing with the strap or just on the knee.
Do you get a good sound easy?
The mechanics were a little stiff at first, but it was a evening tour nickel. Sustain hard, it's as clear, crystalline. Mode electro sound is Rock, the agreements sound serious, profound, we play a little bass and immediately was a warm blues.


I started playing guitar five years ago, I was fortunate to have all sorts of stuff in my hands, but I wanted a twelve string. I played a Guild to 1500 € belonging to friends. I was afraid that by buying the Ibanez is still 4times cheaper, but no! Okay, the sound is not as clear, but once you feel connected while away the quality of microphones and know how Ibanez. The handle is easy to play, slightly flat (neck Ibanez <img class="smiley" src="" alt="" />
), The highs are easy to pick, you can have fun doing small solo friendly. I connected a small Vox Pathfinder 15R, and then you go up a little gain and a slightly crunchy ..., are mounted low, we lower the treble and a warm, slightly heavy typed blues sound ... So versatile in whatever directory is blues, rock ...
I tried my account multi effect above, but in any case it does not easily share feedback, it took me to put the gain all the way and I'm getting closer to a feedback, but at the same time, its too saturated on the twelve ...


Then crush despite a priori, but Ibanez has once again conquer me, she is beautiful, the workmanship is impeccable, it is light, well balanced, good resonance, agreements that take, harmonics that sound longgtemmmmppss! ! Well, below the Guild which I played, but cmparaison, the Guild of 1500 was worth around € it is worth € 400, so a little cheaper 4times but I would say that the Guild is just twice as good except one and a half. So we have a good quality guitar for a very reasonable price. The pickups sound good, it's clean, it does not bleed, it is clear, warm. The anti feedback button is handy, the frequency variations as well. Wish I tried it on a lamp! But I'm really satisfied!

yannzic's review

By yannzic, 21/06/2009
I am pleased with a 12-string, which I used only the 6-string acoustic or classical.
It is fabiquée in Japan, I spend a little on the manufacturing details, I leave that to other luthiers and pluristes.
The preamp is good without being exceptional, the tuner does its job.


Using the handle is nice, it 'slips' round, it is obvious that when the attack struck out, we must review his technique a little over a 6 string.
The attack cargo bottom handle is not a prob.
Good ergonomics, easy keeping, the sound is crystal clear for some to have good support.
The distinctive sound of 12 strings to create new sounds, I use it via an interface Nio 2 / 4 and with Sonar 7 Studio man I just bought, I mix the sounds obtained with the 6-string acoustic and the classic-it rocks though ...


We must seek what we want to play with 12 strings, of course Sinatra often used in cons, if one wants to play Brassens is to banish .. Beware bowls-lol-
For my game, I love it especially the arpeggiated melodies emerging from the highs, we can not work in rock or pop but in the field of acoustics is the foot.


I bought it in January, great promo model expo, with a microphone zoom h2 portable recorder everything is extra
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