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User Review

So so - Reviews IK Multimedia iRig Acoustic

Value For Money : Correct Audience: Anyone
I installed this irig acoustic on my washburn LakeSide Jumbo. Monotiring through Sennheiser HD202 headphones.

-first plugged it on an ipad with the amplitube acoustic amp. Sounds not bad, the app’s sound settings are rather versatile. Not bad, but this is it.
-I tried it with amplitude acoustic, audiobus and loopy HD and its weaknesses started to show. The pickup seems excessively sensible treblewise and makes headphone monitoring necessary. After 6 loops in Loopy HD, the background noise is quite loud.

Then, I plugged it directly on an imac’s minijack then straight into Garageband with acoustic guitar EQ settings (bright, natural…). A real, total mess. The pickup doesn’t take low frequencies at all and is very sensitive to highs and mids. As a result you get a tinbox sound, like playing on a dobro with a loud background noise. Avoid breathing and sliding your fingers on the strings, all these sounds would be amplified.

I intend to try the following: Irig acoustic on Ipad, using the amplitube acoustic app then from the irig acoustic’s out to my presonus interface’s in to see what it does. If it doesn’t sound good either, I think this pickup will stay in its bag for just mobile use with an iphone or ipad, or perhaps I’ll sell it.

As for the video comparing it with a professional pickup that can be seen on IK Multimedia’s website, I believe the sound was post processed, or my Irig acoustic doesn’t work properly. I’m really disappointed...