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Yamaha F370 Review

Folk in Tune We took this new, inexpensive dreadnaught from Yamaha for a test drive. Here's what we found. read more…

Yamaha FS740SFM Review

The Little One With a Big Voice The sun is shining and the air is warm. Nice weather to sit down on the terrace, open the cardboard box and there it is... It's small, it's new and it's beautiful! Its half-jumbo size in vintage sunburst finish recalls the Gibson LG01 from the 50's and 60's, clandestine bars, cigar smoke, and blues players. It's time to stop staring at it and put my hands on it. read more…

User reviews on Acoustic Guitar products

One Of The Best Guitars You Can Get (Fender - CD-60 [2006-2010])

By GuitarSquid, 14/03/2019
The Fender CD-60 is definitely one of the best acoustic guitars you can get, and that's with a very good price. What i liked the most about it is that it can be played by both beginners and professional players. If you are a guitar player that is just starting out, you should definitely go with this model, because it will accompany you on your journey to becoming a professional player!

I write a more detailed review here:

Takamine F360S Dreadnought: "Something to look for?" (Takamine - F360)

By GreatGuitars, 30/03/2019
This dreadnought already served me for quite a long time.
Both in chordwork (strumming) as in soloing work.
Before adding a lot of stars I have to say that I owe a genuine
Martin D35 and besides that other quality guitars such as
Gibson J200, Ovation Custom Legend, two Tama guitars,
Levin W32 and an Ibanez Artwood first series Japanese made
guitar. I do not necessarily have to praise these products after
taking into account that I do not have the money for a
genuine Martin or Gibson: (I owe them both!)

- A nice neck profile to enhance comfortable playing.
- A very balanced and even sounding instrument.
- No thin hights on the upper strings.
- Maybe slightly more bass respons required.
- Playability is still great on this example.
- Octave pitch is really OK.
- Very good interior workmanship. Good fretwork.
- This guitar sounds exceptionally good with a
good under saddle pick up: Great basses now!

It is already widely known that the Japanese acoustics are
very competitive against their USA counterparts of that time.
That makes it interesting to keep on searching for these
hidden treasures. I think my Tama's are just a bit better but
differences are very small. The truss rod is of course a pro!

Epiphone FT-150 Bard (Epiphone - FT-150 Bard)

By Tangentz007, 26/06/2019
Ok so I just picked up this old Japanese Epiphone really inexpensive here in Bulgaria. It was a mess. Cleaned it up and took it to my Luthier. We replaced the tunig keys with inexpensive replacements from Ebay UK and refretted the instrument. After stringining it with Martinextra lights it sound crappy but was very easy to play. I took it back to the luthier and had hime change the bridge to bone from plastic and went with a heavier set of strings. So all you players having this sound iossue with the bass strings being thin sounding this fixed the problem The guitar plays and sounds like a dream! An excellent inexpensive investment!

News Acoustic Guitar

[NAMM] Takamine's Guitar of the Year

Published on 01/24/16
Takamine has revealed the LTD 2016 Decoy, a model exclusively available this year.

[NAMM] Fender Derby Brown resonator

Published on 01/24/16

Feature Articles Acoustic Guitar

The best brands for acoustic folk guitars

Published on 07/14/17
The best brands for acoustic folk guitars
Today is the turn to list the top brands for acoustic guitars. Indeed, after having done the same with electric guitars, we decided to let acoustic guitar players express their opinion.

Top legendary folk acoustic guitars

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Lakewood D-32 Custom

$2,350 Reverb classified ad

Epiphone Hummingbird

$290 Reverb classified ad