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How Does it Sound? Acoustic Guitars

27 Acoustic Guitars Tried and Tested

Whenever you choose a guitar you might first fall in love with appearances, but also, and above all, you cherish its sound character. Six-string fans sometimes don't have the opportunity to listen to many instruments under good conditions. AudioFanzine is well aware of that and decided to record 27 guitars using first-class gear...

Welcome to the big acoustic demo trial-a-thon!  Thanks to your favorite website (that's Audiofanzine of course ;-) , you can now listen to 27 acoustic guitars played in finger picking style and with a pick: from the most prestigious instruments to the most affordable, all body shapes, famous and renowned models as well as runner-ups.


Everything was recorded and filmed at the facilities of the "Rock & Chanson" music school. We used a pair of DPA 4011 (cardioid, large-diaphragm condenser) microphones, one pointing to the 12th fret and the second one to the bridge, plus a DPA 4006 (omnidirectional, large-diaphragm condenser) microphone as room mic. Both DPA 4011s were connected to an MP-2 preamp while the DPA 4006 fed an MP-1 preamp. The audio interface used was an RME FireFace 800. The signal wasn't EQed or compressed.


Here are all 27 videos:




The audio files in WAV format are available here:


Cort AD 850

Cort Earth 100

Cort Earth Mini OP

Gibson Hummingbird

Gibson J45

Gibson J200

Guild D50

Guild GAD-F40

Guild F412

Lowden O25

Lowden F35

Martin 000 16 GT

Martin D-1

Martin D-45

Martin GPCPA1

Ovation C44

Santa Cruz OM

Santa Cruz Tony Rice Pro

Seagull Artist Studio

Seagull Maritime

Takamine G320

Takamine TAN46C

Taylor 114

Taylor 414ce

Taylor 914ce

Taylor Baby

Taylor Baby Mahogany


Special thanks to our guitar player Jonathan, to the GuitarShop and to Fender for the instruments; also to the MP-1 and MP-2 preamps, and to DPA for the two 4011 and the 4006 mics.