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Comments about How Does it Sound? Acoustic Guitars

Whenever you choose a guitar you might first fall in love with appearances, but also, and above all, you cherish its sound character. Six-string fans sometimes don't have the opportunity to listen to many instruments under good conditions. AudioFanzine is well aware of that and decided to record 27 guitars using first-class gear...

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Nice idea, but shouldn't the audio recordings be available in a lossless format for critical listening?

In what audio formats do you suppose?

I suppose FLAC would be the obvious choice.


Note that by defaut Youtube  is in 360px and that the SOUND quality on YouTube depends on the resolution (...) so you should switch the videos to HD/720px to have a better quality.

WAV files are on their way... Should arrive very soon.

WAV file links have been added to the article! bravo


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