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Great analog gear - Reviews Klark Teknik DN 800

Value For Money : Excellent Audience: Advanced Users
The Klark Teknik DN800 is an analog active filter conceived for sound reinforcement, recording studios and fixed installations.
It may be configured as a four-input, two-way systems or as a two-input, three or four-way system.

Klark-Tekink includes interchangeable cards to adjust the frequencies and slope to the speakers. If Klark-Tekink doesn't have the card corresponding to your speakers, a technician can install the adequate capacitors and resistors for the filters recommended by the speaker manufacturer. The manual of the DN800 lists the capacitors and resistors per frequencies.

It has no buttons to choose the frequencies nor slopes, on the other hand, it's extremely precise, it doesn't move and it's as silent as a tomb. The input and output levels, as well as the mutes, are accessible on the front panel. The phases and limiters are on the rear.

It's not as versatile and comprehensive as the DN8000, but it's 10 times cheaper (secondhand, because it's not manufactured anymore).

Four-channel, Two-way
LEDs Indicate: 2 WAY
Input 1 : Output 1 Low / Output 2 High.
Input 2 : Output 3 Low / Output 4 High
Input 3 : Output 5 Low / Output 6 High.
Input 4 : Output 7 Low / Output 8 High.

Two-channel, Three-way
LEDs Indicate: 3 WAY
Input 1 : Output 1 Low / Output 2 Mid / Output 3 High / Output 4 Direct
Input 2 : Output 5 Low / Output 6 Mid /Output 7 High / Output 8 Direct

Two-channel, Four-way
LEDs Indicate: 4 WAY
Input 1 : Output 1 Low / Output 2 Low Mid / Output 3 High Mid / Output 4 High.
Input 2 : Output 5 Low / Output 6 Low Mid / Output 6 High Mid / Output 8 High