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User Review

Negatively amazed! Not without box! - Reviews ADAM A5X

I was looking for small correct and properly assessed for the home studio monitoring speakers: mix adjustment and stamps.


Frankly, great!
Except between 40 and 75 Hz (roughly the first octave of a 4 string bass) where the speaker produces a wind noise instead of sound, even at medium volume. As if a scotch vibrated to the rhythm of boomer, boomer with, but suddenly, it's the sound of air that vibrates instead of the sound of the bass sound. So, impossible to work on the tone of the bass.
I said that this place, despite the size of the woofer can deliver bass quite correct but, then, with this defect, which is unbelievable considering the price of the object and the reputation of the brand. That's why I titled my review with the term "stunned".
This speaker is able (except the default) to me to deliver the right amount of bass to move from one box to the mix and work on sounds. But it makes noise in the bass instead of the sound. And therefore unusable for that. I do not believe it!

For the rest, this is a very good speaker that can produce a powerful and pleasant sound (maybe too much so??).


I have not had time: Back in toto before 30 days and return in a few days, return shipping costs deducted (15 euros for lot 2 speakers). Fortunately, I had good care packages.
So, my assessment on their site no longer exists: the logic should reside in the fact that evaluation is only possible if we have the product and not in case of return. Conclusion: The assessment system foo does not take into account the views on any returned product. Shame!

It was my first monitor speakers model.

So no A5X without their recommended box. And in this case, the result should be really bad since the filter will cut the offending frequency on satellites. But not to the 2.1 I wanted to lead me. So, starting in 1000 and not 666 euros at current prices in toto.

So I put 5/10: it would surely 8 or 9 with a box. Zero but without box.